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MY FEATURE WRITING New York Times | "I Cheated": Harold Gordon said that he had no grand plan for trickery when he set out to create a phony Civil War memorial in the workshop at his home in Templeton, Mass. Read My NY Times story. Civil War Times magazine | He rescues history, one handed:   When he can't sleep at night, William Griffing sometimes will slip out of bed, walk several steps to his second-floor home office, and plop his weary body into a brown, wooden chair in front of his Mac. He’s surrounded by historical artifacts and oddities in this ample-sized room in his house in Batavia, Ill., 35 miles west of Chicago. Then he works his magic.  Read more . Y ardbarker  | A short-fused Babe, a heave-ho and a no-hitter for the ages:  On June 23, 1917, Red Sox left-hander Babe Ruth walked the first batter and argued with the home-plate umpire, whom he smacked in the head. Then Ernie Shore came in to pitch a remarkable game for Boston at Fenway Park.  Read more.

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