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MY FEATURE WRITING New York Times | "I Cheated": Harold Gordon said that he had no grand plan for trickery when he set out to create a phony Civil War memorial in the workshop at his home in Templeton, Mass. Read My NY Times story. Military Images |  "Hideous Dream": Less than a decade after a family portrait was taken, two of Oliver Hopson’s sons were in the army — one serving for Connecticut and the Union, another for Georgia and the Confederacy. One of the brothers died in battle and was buried in a shallow Virginia grave with 12 of his comrades near the large white house of a country doctor.   Read my stories. Civil War Times | Mangled by Shell:   A year after his regiment’s ill-fated charge at Fredericksburg on December 13, 1862, Oliver Dart Jr. faced another great trial: sitting for a photograph at a studio on Main Street in Hartford, Conn. The resulting carte de visite, found in the 14th Connecticut veteran’s pension file in the National Archives

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